Who am I ?

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening whichever one applies to you! I am William Johnson. A brother to a blossoming bright little sister, a son to one of the strongest women to ever bless this earth, and a boyfriend to a girl whose beauty is recognized by all eyes. Depending on the day you can meet me and see the side that thinks I am one of the most handsome, clever, passionate, and gifted person to have graced you with their presence. Yet on other days you’ll see a side of me that is distrusting, angry, anti-social, and depressed. The side of me that at times finds it hard to believe that any woman would be wooed by such a broken man. A young man still learning who he is and how he will have a profound effect on this world. Who am I? A young man with a thousand goals, a thousand failures, a thousand dreams, and a thousand regrets. A young man with the power to make this world a better place or leave it worse for wear……………… Let the journey begin


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